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  • This flash will produce 450 HP. We strongly recommend a free flowing exhaust, air filter, as well as after marker diverter valves. This will reduce your 60 to 100 mph by 1 second and your 60 to 130 mph by 1.8 seconds.
  • This custom flash adds approximately 90hp/90tq when included with a free flowing exhaust, Diverter Valves and air filter. This increases your boost to 0.9 bar.
  • This power kit includes upgrading your existing K16 Turbos to K16/16gs (good donor turbo cores essential) along with a custom tune. A Free flow exhaust, 5 bar fuel pressure regulator, Diverter Values, and air filter is also required but not inlcuded in the kit. This package add 120hp/120tq approximately with boost up to 1.2 bar.


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