Custom Turbo kits

Since 2001 we have been at the for front of aftermarket Custom Turbo kits for the 996tt®. Be it a k16 billet compressor upgrade( 60 to 130 mph world record holder), a k24 Spec 1 or spec 2 750 hp compressor upgrade, we have all the options. And If that is not enough, we have been testing various Garrett turbos be it Gt30r to gt 35rs for 12 years on our own shops.  As a matter of fact, we have been the leader in developing the popular k16/16GS, k24/18g as well as k24/20gs during the early years of the 996tt. With time technology has come a long way when it comes turbo upgrades. We offer direct replacement billet compressor wheel options for K24 as well as Tial direct replacement turbos. As mentioned, Our stage 3 upgrade holds the k16 billet 60 to 130 mph world record. K24 spec 1 is perfect for street and track use with a great balance between quick spool and top end power. The bigger k24  spec 2 compressor wheel offers up to 750 Hp for a fraction of the cost of most other direct replacement turbos on the market. For even the higher HP applications we offer custom garret turbos with external wastegates fitted with our hand crafted headers. The ski 850 turbo is our own in house secret weapon when it comes to very respectful results on street and track. It is a hybrid of a gt30R with our own turbine combination for the top end that most other turbos fall short as well as impressive spool even though it is a considerably big 30R type of a turbo housing. Since we do not only offer direct replacement turbo kits but also customized turbo applications like gt30R and gt35R, our turbo kits are just a starting point. We are proud to display the  1/4 mile world record on our own 996 turbo® which is still on a stock ecu. Click here to view the record 1/4 mile run. Email us at and or call at 773-980-6550 ask to speak with Markski for all your Ecu tuning needs.


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