All of our headers are hand crafted per order at our Chicago facility. We offer both direct replacement as well as custom made headers in applications where external wastegates are required. Our headers have been tested on some of the most powerful porsches to date turning incredible 1100 rwhp on the dyno. Both our direct replacement as well as our custom headers share the same single header flanges as well our unique 3 into 1 merge collector. We use 304 stainless steel 1.75″ OD primary tubing along with our custom .5″ thick cnc machined header flanges. Furthermore, our unique welding technique along with the .25″ step down on the inside of the flange allows us to keep the original diameter meawhile TIG welding inside and out. This process prevents the header from cracking at the welds and offers maximum flow. All of the welds are ported inside and the unit is hand polished on the outside. We offer stock replacement, custom GT30r/Gt35r with 4 bolt out or V banded.


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