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Markski Custom 996 Turbo Upgrades
We offer a wide range of  Markski Custom 996 Turbo Upgrades.  Years of research both on the street as well as on the dyno went into our custom ecu programming. We spent countless of hours on our own Markski custom 996 Turbo upgrades over the years fine tuning everything from entry level k 16 billet turbo kits to custom ski 850 turbos that ran 4.59 seconds 60 to 130 mph. From entry level flashing to a custom tuned mafless gt30r set up, our tuning is second to none. Recently, out client ran a world record 11.o3 second pass @ 124 mph on stock k16K car with exhaust only. Remote 996 TT® tuning is available via our hand held smart tune flasher and when data logs are provided we can fine tune the car remotely same day in most cases. Not only race gas files are available upon request but also launch control/brake boosting as a free feature. The power kits offered can be customized and in most cases the client can choose turbos of choice. stage 1 tune can be utilized by adding one of our hand made to order X design exhaust be it 2.5″, 3″, or a combination of both. We hand make the mufflers from scratch with proprietary components and have a handful of options for that perfect flow and exotic X design exhaust tone. Let us make you an exhaust that is often imitated but rarely duplicated. For those residing in warmer climates we strongly suggest the 3.5″ sport intercoolers as high intake temperatures dramatically decrease performance. For those who need more power we offer our k16 billet 60 to 130 mph world record turbo upgrade. in most cases a 5 bar fuel pressure regulator is good enough for pump gas tuning. But for those who desire to run race gas high boost tuning files, our injector upgrade is required. Other turbo options like the k24 billet spec 1 or spec 2 not to the mention the tial Zona direct replacement options are available. For those who dare to play we have a ski850 turbo fitted with our external waste gate headers that are superior  boost for boost when compared to other turbos on the market. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Markski Custom 996TT Upgrades


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