• The perfect clutch for aggressive drivers that still desire smooth engagement like the OEM unit. Clutch Masters Stage 3 clutches utilize a full face disk made from Clutch Masters "Fiber Tough" material which which has been tested on 850 hp 997tt. The pressure plate side is segmented Kevlar disc to ensure a strong grip to hold your high horsepower Porsche. The kit can be used with the factory flywheel or you can upgrade to a light weight flywheel for a faster throttle response.
  • This is the spring loaded version of this 2.5 clutch and includes a LWFW. It is capable of 800hp. Those who desire to reuse oem dual mass flywheel, choose the 2.5 non sprung version.
  • The Sachs 2.5 engineering non spring loaded clutch is the best after market clutch for oem feel pedal that can hold up to 800 hp. We only recommend this clutch for those who will reuse the stock dual flywheel. For those who desire a light weight flywheel, the spring loaded version of this 2.5 clutch is required in order to prevent on and off feel during engagement.
  • This aluminum lightweight flywheel is a must for the driver who desires quicker revs. We only recommend the LWFW with the Clutch master spring loaded 2.5 version or the sachs 2.5 spring loaded clutch. We do not recommend the LWFW on non spring loaded version of the Sachs 2.5. Please contact us before purchasing for full details.