Custom tuning kits for the 997.1 turbo®

Our custom tuning kits  for the 997.1 turbo® come in a wide range of options be it a stage 1 custom software upgrade to a 1000 Hp mafless gt35R kit. Years of research both on the street as well as on the dyno went into our programming. We use only in house shop cars for all the testing with out own hands on from track to street racing we understand that a fast car is not always just a dyno number. Same day remote tuning is available via our flasher and with data logs we can fine tune for your specific needs. We offer a 1 week no questions asked return policy on all of our tuning upgrades. Not only race gas files are available upon request but also launch control as well as brake boosting as a free feature upon request. The Ecu tuning stages offered can be customized and in most cases the client can choose turbos of choice. Affordable 63.5mm compressor upgrade or the Tial alpha 65mm compressor are available with core exchange. However, VTG turbos dramatically increase the intake temperature when tuned, we strongly recommend our custom X-design exhaust, sound clip video click here .  Adding as our custom made intercoolers  will keep the intake temperatures under control for maximum results. We found stock intercoolers to be dramatically under stress even on stock turbos with intake temperatures climbing to upper 60’s degree Celsius. For those with tiptronic transmissions, we offer a TCU software upgrade where we not only change the shift point, rpm limiter, increase the torque limits, but also decrease the time it takes to  shift up or down in gears. We found .8 seconds can be shaved off of a 60 to 130 mph just by this feature.  Please calls us to discuss your tuning needs at 773-980-6550 and ask to speak to Markski.

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