X-Design exhaust

After years of testing various exhaust systems on our 996TT® we decided to make a unique X design exhaust system for the 997TT®. We developed a true X cross over system that not only offers maximum power but also an exquisite sound only available on this type of a design. We use only 304 stainless steel and we offer high quality imported metal matrix stainless steel catalytic converters V- banded to the exhaust for a quick swap to straight pipes. Our 3″ quiet exhaust weighs only 28 lbs. with 100 cell cats and the loud version an astonishing 23 lbs. It is a true 3″ tubing from inlet to outlet with custom CNC machined exhaust flanges that are .5″ thick stainless steel. We can make any of the exhaust options in 2.5″ OD and even make custom per order exhaust tips. Our X design exhausts have made astonishing 950hp.


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