Our 3″5 sport intercoolers are direct replacement and do not require expensive aftermarket hoses. They are hand crafted in house and pressure tested to 35 PSI. We use only high quality Bell cores along with custom one piece end tanks that come with our CNCed fittings for perfect seal with the stock intercooler hoses. We also offer 2.25″ and 2″5 end tank inlets/outlets for those using aftermarket silicone hoses. We tested our sport intercoolers on a k24/18g car running 1.2 bar from 0 to 150 mph with intake temperatures 20 to 30 degrees F lower over stock. Our dyno showed 15 to 25 rwhp more just by swapping the intercoolers. Lower intake temperatures not only prevent detonation but also stop the car from pulling timing and eventually produce more horse power. Furthermore, one of our clients ran a world record 60 to 130 mph 5.86 seconds with these intercolers on a k16 billet set as well as 5.35 second record on a Alpha 28 set up.