4.5″ Direct Replacement Race Intercoolers

///4.5″ Direct Replacement Race Intercoolers

4.5″ Direct Replacement Race Intercoolers


Our 4.5″ race intercoolers are hand crafted and pressure tested to 35 PSI. High quality Bell cores along with 2.5″ end tank piping optional for maximum flow. We CNC our own boost hose flanges for perfect fitment. Our very own 4.5″ race intercooler is on some the highest HP 996TT’s dialing in at 1200 HP. We tested these intercoolers at the track trapping 154 mph as well as running 4.2 seconds 60 to 130 mph.

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here is our 4.5″ race intercooler on a 700rwhp car running from 0 to 165 mph.


Dyno Graphs

This client made 1100rwhp and 980rwtq with our 4.5″ custom intercoolers. This Porsche was fitted with not only our intercoolers but also with our custom gt35r external headers, X design 3″ exhaust, and our custom Y pipe.

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