Ecu Tuning Stage 3- 600/HP K16 billets

Ecu Tuning Stage 3- 600/HP K16 billets


K16 billets 60 to 130 mph world record holder- 5.86 seconds 

K16 billets 1/4 mile world record – 10.41 seconds @ 134.66 mph

628rwhp/600rwtq on race gas


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Ecu Tuning Stage 3- 600/HP K16 billets 1/4 mile world record

This is the most popular upgrade in our power stage kits.  This k16 billet compressor upgrade (53-65mm) holds the 60 to 130 mph world record of 5.86 seconds. K16 billet upgrade is paired with turbosmart wastegates, custom 750cc Bosch injectors, our race exhaust, but we highly recommend the bendable intake option and the 3.5″ direct replacement sport intercoolers.  Along with the 60 to 130 mph record, our Aussie client ran a blistering 10.41 second @134.66 mph in a 1/4 mile. We spent countless of hours developing our in house tuning and only use the stand industry WinOls programming tools unlike third party software with limited tuning capabilities. We supply free of charge brake boosting as well as launch control on all tunes and even can raise the idle when the light weight fly wheel is used in order to improve drivability. Multiple custom tuning available for an additional fee. Thus, various tunes for altitude change, changing temperature conditions, track or street use, pump gas and race gas is available.  We custom tune remotely when possible offering retuning based on data logs provided by the client. With the smart tune flasher purchase we can remotely tune your car same day and even offer multiple maps as requested. There is no extra fee for this service. Be it a stage 1 tune or stage 3 k16 billet upgrade with our 60 to 130 mph record run, we offer quality parts, support, and 996 turbo Ecu tuning second to none. We strongly suggest our 3.5″ direct replacement sport intercoolers along with the bendable intake for maximum results.  With every tune we offer unlimited support and even extend our service to guiding the client in finding all boost and vacuum leaks free of charge. Click here to view a tutorial video. We even supply a free boost leak tester and offer free phone / email support for the test with every tune sold.. Our tuning comes with a no questions asked 1 month money back guarantee. We are proud to have the  1/4 mile world record on our own 996 turbo which is still on a stock ecu. click here to view the record 1/4 mile run.  996TT® custom ecu tuning is our specialty. Email us at and or call at 773-980-6550 ask to speak with Markski for all your tuning needs.



    • custom ECU tuning
    • K16/ billet turbo upgrade with turbosmart wastegates actuators (good k16 core required)
    •  750cc  bosch injectors
    •  X design 2 muffler race exhaust with 200 cell cats

Dyno Graphs

1/4 ET world record video- 10.41 seconds@ 134.66 mph

Street pull video


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