Mafless kit- Y-pipe /Intake kit

///Mafless kit- Y-pipe /Intake kit

Mafless kit- Y-pipe /Intake kit


For those aiming 800+hp and up we recommend our custom made Y- pipe/intake system. Long gone are the days of a blown Maf which is the result of pushing the limit beyond the stock maf reading. It includes a complete overhaul of the stock Y pipe, air filter box, and plumbing. The intake system is made with 2.5″ OD tubing and is manufactured in house. Our intake is fitted with K&N filters, silicone hoses, and T-bolt clamps. The Y-pipe is made with 3.5″ tubing and tapers off to 2.5″ at the intercooler connection. We recommend using our 4.5″ race intercoolers for direct fit. All the welds are ported inside for maximum flow and the unit is hand polished to mirror finish. This complete system has been tested on a 1300hp porsche. It fits all after marker direct replacement turbos as well as most Gt30r/Gt35r applications.

Product options

In order to take full advantage of this redesigned intake system a matching set of 4.5″ race intercoolers is strongly recommended. We connect the Y pipe with 3.5″ hard piping to the intercoolers which are custom made specific to this Mafless set up. Diverter valves are relocated to the lower end tanks of the Ic’s as well as custom plates are welded.

Dyno Graphs

Our intake systems are on some of the most powerful Porsche’s to date…. This is a dyno from one of our clients that registered 1100rwhp/950rwtq. This Porsche was fitted with not only our custom Y-pipe/intake but also with our custom gt35r external headers, X design 3″ exhaust, and our 4.5″ intercoolers.

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