Markski Custom 996 turbo tuning

Markski Custom 996 turbo tuning


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11.03 seconds at 123.98 mph -new world record 1/4 mile ET on our custom mafless tune stock K16 car with exhaust only.

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We offer only custom made programming per vehicle. Please discuss the details of the car and or any existing upgrades with our tuner via phone or email prior to purchasing.


Markski Custom 996 turbo tuning

Our Markski Custom 996 Turbo tuning adds 80hp/80tq that can be uploaded via our Smart Tune flasher with same day tuning turn around guaranteed. Client has the option to purchase the smart tune flasher or send the ECU for bench flashing. We spent countless of hours developing our in house tuning and only use the stand industry WinOls programming tools unlike third party software with limited tuning capabilities. We supply free of charge both brake boosting as well as launch control features on all tunes and even raise the idle when the light weight fly wheel is used in order to improve drivability. Multiple custom tuning available for an additional fee. Thus, various tunes for altitude change, changing temperature conditions, track or street use, pump gas and race gas is available. One of our clients trapped 123.84 mph in 1/4 mile on 93 octane with tune only.  On a K24 with our upgraded wgs and a 5 bar fuel pressure regulator, a client dynoed 542whp/465 wtq- see dyno tab below.  We custom tune remotely when possible offering retuning based on data logs provided by the client. Be it a stage 1 tune or stage 3 k16 billet upgrade with our 60 to 130 mph record run, we offer quality parts, support, and 996 turbo Ecu tuning second to none. We strongly suggest our high flow X design exhaust along with a BMC filter and DVs.  With every tune we offer unlimited support and even extend our service to guiding the client in finding all boost and vacuum leaks free of charge. Click here to view a tutorial video. Our tuning comes with a no questions asked 1 month money back guarantee. We are proud to hold the 996 turbo® 1/4 mile world record with our own 996 turbo which is still on a stock ecu. click here to view the record 1/4 mile run.  Email us at and or call at 773-980-6550 ask to speak with Markski for all your tuning needs.

1/4 mile world record video

11.03 seconds at 123.98 mph is a world record run on a stock k16 car with exhaust only.

Dyno Graphs

stage 1 tune trapping 123.84 mph on 93 octane


k24 tune with 1bar wgs and 5 bar fpr

Remote flashing step by step video

9 reviews for Markski Custom 996 turbo tuning

  1. WhereItsAt

    Makes helped tune my car after disappointed results from another tuner. Markski, after getting details on my car, power needs and fuel availability, sent me a file to upload via the Durametric cable. Loved the gain over the previous tune. Despite the obvious gains and increased drive ability, Markski had me datatlog a couple accelerations from third gear (sent him the logs via email) and he tweaked the tune and sent me the revised file via email where I uploaded it. Car felt even better. Great tune. Fantastic service. Faster car.

  2. Justin

    Before I talk about the tune, let me talk about the support. Markski will provide his feedback and support even prior to purchasing his tune. My car initially failed emissions due to a prior tune disabling a few engine safety checks installed by the previous owner. After having a conversation with Markski we looked at my ECU and discovered that it had an EPL tune. I purchased the car with the intention of it being stock, so I assumed the EPL tune was the stock behavior. Markski personally showed me a comparison of the tune and where the EPL faults.
    After several weeks of driving my 996 turbo x50, I can clearly say his tune preforms much better. Idle is very smooth and off the line doesn’t have a dip upon pressing the accelerator. Acceleration is much linear, yet boost kicks in a lot earlier and continues to rocket you to upper rpms.

    • markski

      thanks for the kind words Justin

  3. John wyant Schoeb

    I have had a Marski tune for almost 2 yrs and zero problems. No codes, no faults just great performance. Ready for the next upgrade. Nice work and I am happy to speak to anyone wanting to upgrade but is hesitant.
    2003 996tt tiptronic

  4. Peter

    After a few email exchanges and live calls with Mark, I like what I heard and got the tune for 996tt. The tune did not disappoint at all. There is absolutely no doubt the improvements from stock. Off the line, the car is no longer sluggish. At 75% throttle, the car is a beast. And this is ONLY with a tune. I’ve had tunes before on other cars and most of them, I would need a before/after Dyno to see the difference. Markskis tune is so obvious, a caveman can feel it.

    My problem now is that I have to change my strategy and learn to drive this new power and get decent suspension. Well maybe add Markskis exhaust 😀

    Cerainly well worth the money.

    BTW, support wasn’t too shabby. Mark was replying to my emails at 11pm his time. Sorry Mark but Thank you!!

  5. Peter

    After a few email and live calls with Mark, I like what I heard and decided to pull the trigger on the tune. I received the flasher within two days. The instructions provided by Mark was pretty straightforward. The video was also helpful.
    I sent the file and within 12 hours, Mark provided the tuned file.

    Wow! What an improvement from stock. Off the line regular driving, the sluggishness is gone. And close to full throttle, just wow. I can feel the difference… I’ve gotten tunes for other cars before and needed a Dyno to see the results. Markskis tune, there is no need to Dyno. You will feel the difference, for the faster. My issue now is controlling this new power so I’m looking to improve my suspension. Lol. I do want to get the exhaust to give my car a bit of growl.

    Markski, thank you for your responsiveness and your wealth of knowledge (and patience).

    For potential buyers, you will not be disappointed.

  6. Kyle

    Just tuned my completely stock 996TT with Markski’s Stage 1. I included the remote flash tuner and boost leak attachment in my purchase. Like everyone else who has written reviews, the customer service in beyond amazing. Even before I purchased anything, Markski spoke to me for over 30 minutes going over the process, the importance of the boost leak test, etc. I was considering another tuning vendor, but after the conversation, I was sold on Markski.

    I was able to take advantage of the Christmas sale and wasn’t expecting to boost leak test or upload the tune until the spring. But a random warm weekend allowed me to complete everything. Fortunately, there were (surprisingly) no leaks. Markski worked with me early on a Saturday morning, and after I sent him my file, he had it back to me in a hour and walked me through the installation.

    Initial test drive…. what can I say. It’s like a different car. No more mid-RPM lull. No more 3K stutter (you 996TT owners know the one I’m talking about…). It’s just a manageable monster now. And no hoses popped off or check engine light. Win win! I can’t recommend Markski Tuning enough; I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Matt

    Very impressed with the work and great customer service from Markski. I’ve had my X50 mapped and now the car pulls even stronger. Everything works on the car as if it’s still stock, its starts well, the traction control works as normal, and no lights on the dash. The only difference is when you put your foot down the car really pulls strong, a constant smooth pull all the way to the red line. It feels like I’m in a lower gear all the time! I can’t recommend then highly enough. If I ever go to stage 2 I’ll be coming here! Thanks you guys.

  8. Carlos Lugo

    I have a FBO Tial3072 996 that was just tuned by Deejay & I can honestly say it’s a night and day difference. Apart from tuning, Deejay spent the time with me (which he didn’t have to) diagnosing my car as I ran into troubles just before tuning. The level of knowledge & experience this man has is priceless. If you are thinking of tuning or modding your 996 & not sure who to go to, save yourself the time and energy and contact Deejay. With no hesitation I will vouch for this man anytime. Thanks again Deejay!

  9. James Martin

    All I can say is fantastic. Mark Helped me with my ideas before I bought anything from him and then has been very helpful and extremely responsive to all questions whenever I have asked. The items ordered arrived within a few days from US into the UK and I Really couldn’t have asked for any better service at any point.
    Helped me find and cure the various leaks in the system and then talked me through the flash of the ECU. Car drives so much better now. More responsive, quicker in all areas.
    I could not be happier.
    If you are thinking of getting a tune, Markski is the place to go to..


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