Markski Custom 997 turbo tuning

Markski Custom 997 turbo tuning


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1/4 mile record on ecu and tcu tune (stock turbos) 10.640 @129.74 with pump gas, exhaust, and intercoolers.

10.62 seconds @ 131 mph on stock turbos with pump gas and methanol kit.


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Markski Custom 997 turbo tuning

Our Stage-1 Markski Custom 997 turbo tuning  is rated at 550HP on pump gas and 580HP on 100 octane race gas on a AWD Dynojet.  One of our clients ran an impressive 10.9 seconds @124mpg 1/4 mile on a pump gas custom Stage 1 tune. This 2008 997 turbo® was completely stock without any aftermarket parts such as exhaust or intercoolers. The clutch was original as well.   We strongly suggest our high flow X design exhaust, intercoolers, and  for more power upgraded VTG compressor wheels(63.5mm or 65mm) as well as a matching competition Y-pipe for maximum flow. We offer custom race gas files as well as brake boosting upon request.  By applying the foot brake pedal as well as the gas pedal at the same time, one can produce on average 15 psi while cruising thus producing a more aggressive take off.  A stock clutch usually can handle 1.2 bar, thus high boost files without a after market clutch and after market quality intercoolers is not recommended. Also be sure to check out other Ecu tuning stage options, custom made Exhausts, and other 997 turbo tuning high performance racing parts. Check out our tuned 997 turbo race track videos on our YouTube channel Click Here>.  By choosing the multiple tuning option, we can supply our custom multiple 997 turbo® tuning maps via our hand held smart tune flasher. It only tales a few minutes to swap programs without need of WiFi and or laptops like  other tuning options. We can add brake boosting or even launch control free of charge as well as various boost maps for race and pump gas.  For all your custom 997 turbo ®tuning needs please contact us at 773-980-6550 and speak to Markski directly. We guarantee our tuning for 1 week and back it up with a full refund  if not satisfied no questions asked.

Dyno Graphs

oem tune vs. 93 octane tune vs. 100 octane tune

93 octane tune vs. 100 octane tune

1/4 mile videos- 10.9 sec. @ 124 mph

One of our client ran a 10.9 sec. 1/4 mile on a stock manual 997.1TT with our custom stage 1 custom tune.

video-10.640 @129.74 record on stock turbos

One of our clients with custom TCU and our ECU tune, on 93 octane with exhaust and iontercoolers.  A record to date on this set up- no E85 nor methenol kit installed and on original unmodified turbos.


1/4 mile time slip 10.62 sec. @ 131mph

Remote flashing video

2 reviews for Markski Custom 997 turbo tuning

  1. Alex Punsalan

    Just gotta give kudos to Marek Deejay Markski at Markski Tuning for helping me tune my TCU and ECU… such great guy and customer support is unmatched…
    the car is so much better slow speed, city driving. WOT, tiwsty roads… wow! Ive tried a lot of tunes in the past this by far one of the best, car is very linear especially combined with the TCU tune… I just need a new exhaust lol! love driving the car…

  2. Christopher Dorosti

    Just got to putting in the ecu tune from markski today which he was VERY Helpful and polite. The power difference between this and Eurocharged was night and day. Eurocharge was damaging my car I told them to refund my money ASAP and I en-trusted mark and he guided me the whole way with no hiccups absolutely no regrets. I am so excited for summer time I also did the tcu tune along with the ecu tune and wow I can’t even exaggerate I’m giggling and smiling from ear to ear what a difference. Sound notes of the exhaust much more apparent and turbo spools more prodominenb and the power un belivable!! Car is a dream to drive now , next upgrade is drop in intercoolers!! Highly recommend anyone that has a 997.1 turbo it changed the whole overall experience with the car I have 0 regrets and highly recommend this ecu and tcu tune to anyone that owns a tip 911 turbo!!

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