These are our custom Garret based turbos that make an astonishing 630 rwhp/630rwtq on pump gas at only 1 BAR of boost at 4800 RPMS. This turbo was tested against the popular Gt30R and outperformed it on the dyno by 30rwhp and 35rwtq. Full boost is at 3800 vs. 4100 on the Gt30R. At 1.45 bar this turbo made 730 rwhp.The worlds 60 to 130 mph record was set on these custom turbos on a 2002 GT2 running 3.69 seconds. For those seeking the ultimate street/strip turbo package the SKi850 BIG BOY turbo is second to none. With a astonishing 138.7 mph 1/4 mile trap speed at only 1.3 bar of boost along with mid 5s 60 to 130 mph all on unleaded race gas, this turbo will meet most if not all of your expectations. The turbos do not come fully assembled. OEM oil catch cans not included. Our external headers required and 44 mm Tial wastegates. Additional hardware required. Select “1” item as they come in pair.