This is our signature “BIG BOY” tuning kit developed from scratch. We spent countless of hours developing this monster stock motor kit that is second to none on the street/track. As a matter of fact, our customers have trapped nearly 140 mph in the quarter at moderate 1.3 bar. That is astonishing considering that most high HP kits out on the market run at least 1.5 bar or not higher to achieve similar results. One reason for our success, including the mid 5s 60 to 130 mph, is that we developed a kit that addresses all of the restrictions of a stock car. Putting on a “new generation” wheel alone will not produce same results. We redesigned the intake and Y pipe with a mafless approach, fitted the kit with race 4.5″ intercoolers, developed custom external headers fitted with 44mm Tial wastegates, added a fuel kit(2nd fuel pump and custom injectors) supporting up to 850HP along with our custom X design 3″ sport exhaust. But the secret is in the turbos and that coupled with all of the supporting mods, when compared to a Gt3076rs, spooled up 400 rpms faster and produced 27rwhp/39rwtq at moderate boost levels(.8 to 1.4 bar). The kit comes with pre assembled turbos fitted with custom catch can adaptors, oil lines and fittings. All hardware is included.
At 1.45 bar our test car ran an incredible 5.54 60 to 130 mph and a 6.2 60 o 130 mph at 1.1 bar on 93 octane. It produced 720 rwhp and 731 rwtq at 1.4 bar all delivered at 4800 rpms. Thus from 4800 rpms to redline the Hp averages 700rwhp. We have clients that produced even more HP and TQ but due to the limitations of the stock motor we do not advise running more then 1.4 bar(800hp) or 1.6 bar on ms109(850hp).