We are proud to offer this hand crafted 2 muffler exhaust system for the 997.2TT®. We spent countless of hours developing a unique sound by testing various muffler cores along with muffler packing materials. We make the muffler from scratch in house along with our X design cross over. We do not use any over the counter pre made components. Stainless steel V bands and .5″ thick custom cnc machined flanges are welded to catalytic converters. We offer this system  with 100, 200, or 300 cell catalytic converters. Catless systems also available for off road use only. The exhaust is TIG welded and ported inside for maximum flow. During the final stage of production we hand polish to mirror finish. A 3″,2.75″, or 2.5″ OD tubing is available. The complete 3″ exhaust weighs only 28 lbs. with 100 cell cats. Our X design exhausts have made astonishing 1000hp. Please click in the Dyno graph tab to see results.